First interviews

A big “thank you” to Tyler Reichert (who founded Silver Moon Brewing) and Chris Justema (co-owner of Cascade Lakes Brewing) for offering up their time for the first of many interviews I’ll be conducting among all the various beer people in the region.

I met with Tyler last week at the Platypus Pub, and with Chris this week at the Cascade Lakes Lodge during their 20th anniversary celebration—and enjoyed some fine beers at each, enjoying the Platypus Pub’s own Haste Ye Back Wee Heavy, and Cascade Lakes’ 20th Anniversary IPA.

And of course, lots of good history and information is coming from the interviews, hopefully much or all of which will make it into the book! The scope won’t just cover the breweries, of course, but also other beer-related topics that contribute to Bend’s amazing beer culture, like homebrewing for instance (Tyler used to own the Brew Shop back in the day).

Tomorrow, I’ll be spending some time with the crew over at 10 Barrel and I expect a lot more good information to add to my research.